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Last Updated: May 29, 2007

The Ottoman Kitchen: Modern Recipes from Turkey, Greece, the Balkans, Lebanon, and Syria, by Sarah Woodward, photographs by Jan Baldwin
This is food that was brought together in the bazaar and perfected and refined in the palace kitchens of the Ottoman sultans. One of the earliest exponents of fusion cooking, the Ottomans elaborated and refined the culinary traditions of the entire Eastern Mediterranean region to create one of the world's greatest, and most eclectic cuisines.

Lonely Planet World Food: Turkey, by Dani Valent, Perihan Masters, and Jim Masters

Azerbaijan Cookery, by A. Akhmedov

Cuisines of the Caucasus Mountains: Recipes, Drinks, and Lore from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, and Russia, by Kay Shaw Nelson

Classic Turkish Cooking, by Ghillie Basan

Includes many great recipes and over 100 photographs. Has sections for yogurt and cheese, salads, soups, pilafs, seafood, festive sweets and jams, and much more. In addition to recipes, this book has historical background and descriptions of the major ingredients (olives, nuts, spices, peppers, etc.)

The Sultan's Kitchen: A Turkish Cookbook, by Özcan Ozan

This book teaches you how to make Turkish salads, bread dishes, kebabs, desserts, seafood specialties, lamb dishes, and many others. Features extraordinarily beautiful photographs and superb recipes.

"Özcan is a really good cook.... For those who have scant knowledge of the food of Turkey, The Sultan's Kitchen will provide a fine introduction to the cuisine and some wonderfully delicious and easy recipes. The red lentil soup, the kofta stuffed with mashed potatoes, the greens with yogurt-garlic sauce are worthy additions to one's personal recipe collection." - Joyce Goldstein

Eat Smart in Turkey: How to Decipher the Menu, Know the Market Foods, and Embark on a Tasting Adventure, by Joan Peterson, David Peterson, and S. V. Medaris

Whether dining in Istanbul or having lunch alfresco at a Mediterranean resort, Eat Smart in Turkey will take the guesswork out of choosing from an unfamiliar menu. Its comprehensive guide to Turkey's unique cuisine will give vacationers, business travelers, and backpackers alike an extra dimension of travel pleasure. Readers are immediately transported into the world of Turkish culinary delights in the opening chapters, which feature historical sketches of the food and background on the fabulous regional dishes. Recipes contributed by Turks well-known in the food or travel business are provided so readers can preview the tastes of Turkey before departure. Mail-order suppliers of hard-to-find ingredients for these recipes are listed in the chapter of resources, which also mentions agencies specifically marketing travel to Turkey, especially those featuring the cuisine. To enhance travelers' willingness to experiment, two large chapters consisting of lists in Turkish with English translations are provided. The first, the Menu Guide, takes the guesswork out of food selection, allowing travelers to order with confidence in restaurants. With this easy-to-carry and easy-to-use book alongside a foreign menu, determining what's in a particular dish becomes effortless. The second, the Foods and Flavors Guide, is an extensive list of foods, spices, cooking utensils, cooking styles, etc., to make shopping in the colorful outdoor markets easy and fun. Turkish phrases with English translations facilitate these explorations into the fascinating world of cuisine.

Classical Turkish Cooking: Traditional Turkish Food for the American Kitchen, by Ayla Esen Algar

"Classical Turkish Cooking... is a splendid introduction to a cuisine that straddles Europe and Asia, drawing on East and West alike. Savory rice pilafs, stuffed vegetables and rolled grape leaves, crisp salads dressed with yogurt and more complex savory pies and turnovers, along with syrupy Middle Eastern sweets made with rosewater, apricots, figs and walnuts, are among delicious offerings." - Nancy Harmon Jenkins, The New York Times

Turkish Cooking: A Culinary Journey Through Turkey, by Carol Robertson, with photos by David Robertson

The Art of Uzbek Cooking, by Lynn Visson

Food Culture in Russia and Central Asia, by Glenn Randall Mack and Asele Surina

The diversity of food cultures within the former Soviet Union, with more than 100 distinct nationalities, is overwhelming, but this book brilliantly distills the main elements of contemporary cuisine and food-related customs for students and foodies. Vibrant descriptions of the legacy of the Silk Road; the classic foods such as kasha, pirogi, non (flatbread), pickles, and shashlyk (shish kebab); the over-the-top Moscow theme restaurants; and meals at the dacha and tea time are just some of the highlights. After centuries of contact and conflict among peoples of Eurasia, Russian and Central Asian cuisines and culinary cultures have much in common. To understand one, the other must be considered as well. Russia and Central Asia cuisines share many ingredients, dishes, and customs. This volume strives to emphasize the evolving and multifaceted nature of the food cultures. Readers will be able to appreciate the ingredients, cooking methods, and traditions that make up the Eurasian foodways.

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