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Khazaria.com is a participant in affiliate advertising programs designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to stores. Our partners include Viglink.com, Family Tree DNA, Amazon.com, Apple's iTunes, Movies Unlimited, Princeton Watches, DiscountWatchStore.com, Art-and-Home.net, and others.

A reason why I recommend Viglink to American webmasters:

If you run a blog or website in the United States and want to earn money by selling products at stores outside of your own country, as an affiliate, you may be frustrated that those stores only pay in the currency of that country or offer a gift certificate as an alternative. Viglink offers a solution to this dilemma. After joining them, if you earn money through the foreign Amazons (currently the Canadian Amazon), Viglink will automatically convert those earnings into U.S. dollars so that you can receive cash (through PayPal) instead of having to receive merchandise or pay expensive currency conversion fees at your bank on any check you receive from the foreign Amazons. Even better, you don't have to reach those Amazons' minimum payment thresholds, and all your affiliate earnings are combined in the Viglink interface. This is why I use Viglink to affiliate with Amazon.ca, and not only Amazon.com, as well as multiple countries' versions of Abebooks and so on. Viglink also works with all the international versions of iTunes. Viglink does take 25% of our earnings but because they usually earn the highest percentage tiers from those affiliate programs, when you become a subaffiliate through Viglink you will still get about the same amount you would have working alone, and even higher in some cases.

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