The Other Zions: The Lost Histories of Jewish Nations

by Eric Maroney

ISBN 978-1-4422-0045-6 (hardcover),
ISBN 978-1-4422-0047-0 (electronic)
209 pages, published October 2009 by Rowman and Littlefield

Learn the fascinating and little-known stories of independent Jewish states, kingdoms, and tribes throughout history. Most people know the history of Israel but fewer know about the other Jewish nations. Maroney introduces readers to the Jews of Adiabene (modern-day Iraq), Himyar (modern-day Yemen), Khazaria (modern-day southern Russia), North Africa, Ethiopia, Birobidzhan (modern-day Russia), and the legends of the lost tribes of Israel.


I. A neutral piece of land: The Jewish State
II. So if the king of Israel should come with his men: The Lost Tribes in History and Myth
III. King Solomon loved many strange women: The Jewish Kingdom of Ethiopia
IV. Though we are far from Zion: The Khazar Jewish Kingdom
V. And Jews were independent of any gentile yoke: The Jewish Tribes of the Hijaz and the Jewish Kingdom of Himyar (Yemen)
VI. In the manner of the Jewish tradition: The Jewish Kingdom of Adiabene
VII. They have no settled, agreed beliefs: The Kahina and the Berber Jews
VIII. A Jewish national state: The Soviet Jewish Autonomous Region in Birobidzhan
IX. Who Is a Jew? Zion and Identity
X. Bibliography


"This is an informative and surprising examination of some obscure aspects of Jewish history." - Jay Freeman, in Booklist Online: Book Reviews from the American Library Association, January 8, 2010

"The Other Zions captures the real and the imagined power of the concept of Zion." - Jewish Book World, Summer 2010

"...he writes well, lays out evidence and arguments clearly, and appears to be a reliable guide..." - Mark Golden, in The Outlook: Canada's Progressive Jewish Magazine, September-October 2010

"...interesting and readable... he examines critically the sources..." - Ben Outhwaite, in Journal of Modern Jewish Studies, volume 12, issue 3, 2013


Eric Maroney is a freelance writer and works at Cornell University. He is also the author of Religious Syncretism (2006) and contributed articles on the subjects "syncretism" and "secular" to the Encyclopedia of Identity (Sage Publications, 2010).


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