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Turkmenistan is a landlocked country in the southwestern corner of Central Asia, bordered by Iran, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and Afghanistan. Its biggest city is Ashgabat, the capital. The Caspian Sea is west of the country. The Turkmen ethnic group speaks a Turkic language and many of them are Muslims.

Saparmurat Niyazov was the president of independent Turkmenistan between 1991 and 2006 and his increasingly bizarre policies became worrisome, continuing Soviet-style repression but with a Turkmen flavor. He was building a personality cult, funding weird projects, and starting to go over the top in regulating personal behavior, such as decreeing that men can't grow beards and that women working for television stations can't wear makeup. His closure of all hospitals and public libraries in places other than the capital, Ashgabat, was irresponsible. He also made it difficult for Turkmenistani residents to access the Internet.

Niyazov wrote a quirky book called Ruhnama that mixed history, spirituality, and autobiography. Hee mandated every schoolchild to read and be taught it instead of getting a real education. Courses in subjects like mathematics and science were dropped from the curriculum.

During some years (2001-2005) of Niyazov's regime, I earned commissions by advertising and selling beautiful handmade carpets and rugs from Turkmen Carpets Online. That made me one of the few foreigners living outside of the country to have a business relationship with a Turkmen company at that time. Meanwhile the most excellent businessman I worked with was one of the few (less than 1%) to have access to email and the Web.

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  • Cultures of the World: Turkmenistan by Marylee Knowlton

    Banks, Investments, and Stock Market:
  • The State Bank for Foreign Economic Activities of Turkmenistan


  • Turkmen Carpets Online, Ashgabat - Turkmen and Bukharan handmade carpets
  • State Joint-Stock Corporation "Turkmenhaly", Ashgabat - carpets - in Russian
  • Chamber of Commerce of Turkmenistan

    Education and Research:

  • Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan


  • Turkmenistan State Customs Office
  • The State Commodity and Raw Materials Exchange of Turkmenistan
  • Oil and Gas Complex of Turkmenistan
  • Turkmenistan State Statistics of Committee
  • Türkmenistanyng Bash döwlet salgyt gullugy (Main Tax Service of Turkmenistan)
  • Press Courier of Turkmenbashi
  • Tourism and Sport Ministry
  • Turkmenistan - The Golden Age

    Internet and Telecommunications Services:

  • Turkmenistan Online - in Russian
  • Turkmentelecom, Ashgabat - in Russian


  • Ene Mähri - newspaper, in Russian
  • Turkmenistan Analytic Magazine - news, in Russian and English

    Travel and Lodging:

  • Ayan Tourism and Travel Company
  • DN Tours, Ashgabat
  • Siyakhat Tourist Company and Hotel, Ashgabat
  • Owadan Tourism, Ashgabat

    Other Websites in Turkmenistan:

  • Turkmen Mail - free email service
  • Turkmen Portal

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  • Turkmenbashi Cult - the personality cult of Turkmenistan's former president Niyazov
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  • Turkmen Chat

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