Videos about the Turkic Lands and Peoples

Last Updated: December 4, 2016


A Traveler's Guide To Turkey, Part 1: Gate to the East: Turkish Coasts/Istanbul (DVD, 2005)
Explore Turkish beaches, Turkish carpet-weaving, the ancient monuments of Xanthos, and Turkey's capital Istanbul in this 60-minute documentary.

A Traveler's Guide To Turkey, Part 2: Land of Great History: East From Istanbul (DVD, 2005)
A tour of Ephesus, the hot springs in Pamukkale, and other outdoor attractions is followed by coastal attractions on the Black Sea plus views of the Taurus Mountains and Mount Ararat. A 60-minute documentary.

Rudy Maxa's World: Turkey (DVD, 2009)
Travel expert Rudy Maxa takes viewers to incredible places in Turkey. In the "Istanbul" segment, you'll stop a few of the 4,000 stores in the city's Grand Bazaar before heading to a 16th-century public bath, and, after that, a modern hookah bar. Next, hop into a traditional Turkish boat in "Turquoise Coast" and navigate the crystal clear waters to discover ancient ruins. A 52-minute documentary directed by John Leslie.

Globe Trekker: The Pilot Guide to Turkey (DVD, 2004; originally released as a VHS in 2002)
From Pilot Guides. See a Turkish bath, Turkish rugs, hotels, out-of-the-way cities, and a Turkish wedding, and meet Turkish people. Some viewers don't think this covers Turkey the way it should have and criticize the travel guide, Justine Shapiro.

Globe Trekker: Turkey 2 (DVD, 2011)
From Pilot Guides. This time there's a different travel guide (Adela Ucar). The modern Turkish and Kurdish cultures are explored along with pre-modern history and architecture. Meet the whirling dervishes, see the Aegean coast, visit the Sabanc Mosque, and more. Cities visited include Gaziantep, Diyarbakr, Konya, and Adana. 50 minutes.

Globe Trekker: Istanbul (DVD, 2004)
From Pilot Guides. Estelle Bingham's trip to Turkey's best-known city. 60 minutes.

Hidden Turkey (DVD, 2005)
A 60-minute program produced by PBS. Explores Turkey's history, religion, culture, cuisine, and geography.

Istanbul Unveiled, a Travel Documentary Film (DVD, 2014)
Directed by Serif Yenen and Levent Ayasli. The sites of Istanbul and its people including a baklava-maker, a belly dancer, a whirling dervish, a mosque imam, a businesswoman, and more. 61 minutes.

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