Khazaria.com, established on May 5, 1995 (see Note below) by Kevin Alan Brook, author of The Jews of Khazaria (1st edition, 1999; 2nd edition, 2006; 3rd edition, 2018), is the leading Internet provider of information about the Khazar Kingdom. The goals of the American Center of Khazar Studies are:
  1. To educate the general public about all aspects of the Khazar Kingdom - including religion, trade, agriculture, art, language, and many other topics - through the presentation of essays, quotes, maps, and illustrations and the distribution of a newsletter.
  2. To provide suggestions for further research about the Khazars - including books, articles, and webpages.
  3. To encourage further scholarship in Khazar, Volga Bulgar, and Armenian Jewish studies by working with present and future authors, historians, geneticists, archaeologists, journalists, linguists, ethnologists, and genealogists to promote their research and assist in publishing endeavors.
  4. To encourage college/university, theological, public, private, museum, high school, and Jewish/JCC/synagogue libraries around the world to purchase English, Hebrew, and Russian books having pertinence to research of the Khazars, so that current and future generations can learn more about the Khazars. To date, the Center has successfully introduced Korobkin's 1st edition of Kuzari into 34 additional libraries (1 donated), Brook's 1st edition of The Jews of Khazaria into 160 additional libraries (13 donated), Brook's 2nd edition of The Jews of Khazaria into 209 additional libraries (5 donated), Brook's 3rd edition of The Jews of Khazaria into 67 additional libraries, Zhirohov+Nicolle's The Khazars into 1 additional library, Pletnyova's Sarkel i "Shiolkovyi" Put' into 9 additional libraries, Pletnyova's Ocherki Khazarskoy Arkheologii into 5 additional libraries, Golb+Pritsak's Khazarsko-Yevreiskie Dokumenty X Veka into 2 additional libraries, the Bedrosian edition of The Georgian Chronicle into 2 additional libraries, Flyorova's Graffiti Khazarii into 5 additional libraries, and Flyorova's Obrazy i Syuzhety Mifologii Khazarii into 1 additional library (1 donated).
  5. To guide visitors to miscellaneous resources related to the Turkic and Jewish worlds, to further their appreciation of these cultures.
  6. To encourage college courses on Jewish, Russian, Byzantine, Turkic, and medieval history to cover Khazarian history.
  7. To encourage the print media to cover the Khazars.

  • Curriculum Vitae of Kevin A. Brook, Researcher, Webmaster, Newsletter Editor
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    The focus of Khazaria.com is on historical, not theological, themes, and as such does not advocate any particular religion.
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