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  • ALTAI in Russia - Altai Turks
  • AZERBAIJAN - Azeris
  • BASHKORTOSTAN (BASHKIRIA) in Russia - Bashkirs
  • CHUVASHYA (CHUVASHISTAN) in Russia - Chuvashes
  • CRIMEA in Russia - Crimean Tatars
  • DAGHESTAN in Russia - Kumyks, Nogais
  • GAGAUZIA (GAGAUZ-YERI) in Moldova - Gagauz Turks
  • KABARDINO-BALKARIA in Russia - Balkars
  • KARACHAI-CHERKESSIYA in Russia - Karachays
  • KHAKASIA in Russia - Khakas
  • KYRGYZSTAN - Kyrgyzes
  • SAKHA (YAKUTIA) in Russia - Yakuts
  • TATARSTAN in Russia - Volga Tatars
  • TÜRKIYE (TURKEY) - Anatolian Turks
  • TURKMENISTAN - Turkmens
  • TUVA (TYVA) in Russia - Tuvans
  • UZBEKISTAN (including KARAKALPAKSTAN) - Uzbeks, Karakalpaks


    Current Events, Business, and Politics
  • The Times of Central Asia - daily news
  • Central Asian-American Enterprise Fund
  • Eurasia Research Center
  • Central Asia and the Caucasus: Journal of Social and Political Studies
  • Central Asia News.net
  • International Institute for Caspian Studies
  • Institute for War and Peace Reporting: Europe, Caucasus, Central Asia
  • Central Asia-Caucasus Analyst
  • Trend - news from the Caspian, South Caucasus, and Central Asia

    Environmental Issues

  • Requiem for the Dying Aral Sea

    History, Archaeology, and Culture

  • Khazaria.com (The American Center of Khazar Studies)
  • An Introduction to the History of Khazaria
  • The Khazar Fortress of Sarkel
  • Khazaria Image Gallery
  • Excerpts from the Letters of Hasdai ibn Shaprut and King Joseph
  • Khazars and Bulgars
  • Khazaria (586-1083 AD) - essay by Dennis Leventhal and Chris Brantley
  • The Khazars - essay by Peter Wolfe and Jeff Zolitor
  • The Khazars - essay by Avraham Revello
  • The Khazars - essay by Steven Lowe
  • Military History Encyclopedia on the Web: Khazar Khaganate - essay by Tristan Dugdale-Pointon
  • Khazarskiy Kaganat - in Russian
  • Istoriya Astrakhani: Khazarskiy kaganat - in Russian
  • Istorie Evreiasca: Povestea Kazarilor - in Romanian
  • Enzyklopä des Europäischen Ostens: Chasaren, -Reich, -Khaghanat - in German
  • History Bookshop: Khazars
  • Encyclopedia of Russian History: Khazars - article by Roman K. Kovalev
  • Columbia Encyclopedia: Khazars
  • Wielka Internetowa Encyklopedia Multimedialna: Chazarowie
  • Entsiklopediya Krugosvet: Khazary
  • Silk Road Seattle
  • Silk Road Seattle Project: Traditional Cultures in Central Asia
  • 1100th Anniversary of Hungarian Settlement in Central Europe
  • History of Central Asia, Part 1
  • History of Central Asia, Part 2
  • The History of Costume - Late 19th Century Central Asia - Uzbeks and Turkmen
  • The History of Costume - Late 19th Century Central Asia - Eastern Turkestan
  • The History of Costume - Late 19th Century Asiatic Russia - Kyrgyzian and Siberian
  • The History of Costume - Late 19th Century Asiatic Russia - Bashkirs and Tatars
  • The History of Costume - Late 19th Century Crimean Tatars
  • Xazarskiy kostyum VII-X vv. - essay by Aleksey Tselikovskiy about Khazarian and North Caucasian costumes
  • Ancient Tangriqut Rulers of Western and Eastern Huns
  • Turks in China
  • The Western Turks
  • Bulgar History
  • Weapons Used by the Bulgars
  • Kutriguri Way of Battle
  • Hunno-Bulgar Religion and Spirituality
  • History of the Proto-Bulgarians North and West of the Black Sea
  • Inscription and Alphabet of the Proto-Bulgarians
  • Language of the Asparukh and Kuber Bulgars, Vocabulary and Grammar
  • Birth of Great Bulgaria
  • Khan Kubrat, ruler of the Turkic Bulgars
  • Khan Asparoukh, first Turkic ruler of Danubian Bulgaria
  • Expansion of the Bulgarian State to the South of the Danube
  • Tatarstan History - Volga Bulgaria
  • Volga Bulgaria - archaeology of Volga Bulgaria (version in Russian: Volzhskaya Bulgariya)
  • Medieval Scholars and Writers from Volga Bulgaria - in Russian
  • Rulers of Russia (including Volga Bulgaria)
  • About Volgo - Kama Bulgaria in the Middle Ages - essay by George Genoff
  • Columbia Encyclopedia: Bulgars, Eastern
  • Old-Turkic Deities - book chapter by Rafael Bezertinov
  • Sakaliba are Kipchaks, and Bulgars are One of Kipchak Tribe - rather strange article
  • TANGRA TanNakRa - Bulgarian history
  • The Turki, Khazars, Bulgars, Polovtsy, and Pereshchepina Treasure
  • Nomad-Sedentary Politics in Medieval Russia - essay by Mark J. Janselewitz
  • The Turkic Kipchaks of Medieval Eurasia
  • The Codex Cumanicus - essay by Peter B. Golden
  • Cumans (1054-1394 AD)
  • Pechenegs (850-1122 AD)
  • Of the Pechenegs, by Constantine Porphyrogenitus
  • The Pechenegs - essay by Steven Lowe and Dmitriy Ryaboy
  • Pechenegy - in Russian
  • The Lay of Igor's Raid - story about Rus' battle against Cumans
  • The Song of Igor's Campaign - another translation of this story
  • Turkish Mythology
  • Alpamysh and the Turkic Dastan Genre - book chapter by H.B. Paksoy
  • The Bald Boy Keloglan and the Most Beautiful Girl in the World - by H.B. Paksoy
  • The Seljuqs of the Rum - essay by Steven Lowe
  • Bashiri Working Papers on Central Asia and Iran - essays by Iraj Bashiri
  • Peoples of Early Russian History - in Russian
  • Barbarians - rulers of the Hsiung-nu, Golden Horde, Cumans, Alans, Khazars, more
  • The Crimea - rulers of the Crimea
  • In Die Welt der Steppenreiter - German site about Central Asian steppe-culture
  • Role of Lower Volga Region in Development of Trade and Interaction of Cultures on the Great Volga Way - Russian essay by P.V. Kazakov


  • Western (Oguz) Turkic Languages
  • Central (Kipchak) Turkic Languages
  • Eastern (Chagatay) Turkic Languages
  • Ural Mountains Turkic Languages
  • Siberian Turkic Languages
  • Orkhon Alphabet of the Ancient Turks of Central Asia
  • The Mystery of the Futhark Alphabet - runic writing in Scandinavia
  • A székely-magyar rovásírás - Hungarian essay on Székely runes
  • Oriëntaal's Links to Turkic Languages
  • Minority Languages of Russia on the Net: Turkic Languages
  • CenAsiaNet's Advanced Lessons in Kazak, Turkmen, Uzbek
  • Learn Turkish-Tatar-English
  • Shorica - learn Shor language, in Russian
  • Linguaturka.com - searchable dictionaries for word conversions between English, Turkish, Azeri, Tatar, Uyghur, Tuvan


  • Imagina: Central Asian Collection of Music
  • Sevara Nazarkhan - Uzbek musician's official site
  • Yulduz Usmanova's Official Site - famous Uzbek singer
  • The Pop Life: Uzbekistan Dreams Made of Music
  • Multicultural Media
  • Azerbaijan International's Audio Section
  • Scimitar Records
  • Eurasian Music by Turkish Musician Murat Ses
  • The Musical Nomad: A Central Asian Music Travellogue from 1997
  • Turkic Peoples' Music


  • Routledge: Asian Studies
  • KaraM Arastirmalari Merkezi
  • Turko-Tatar Press
  • Central Eurasian Studies Review (CESR)
  • The Voice of Greater Central Asia
  • Buchversand Krieger - bookshop for literature about Central Asia
  • Kubon and Sagner Buchexport-Import - in German
  • Middle EurAsian Books
  • East View Publications - books, newspapers, and journals from and about Central Asia
  • Ekin Library and Publications
  • Articles on Turkish History by Professor Hasan B. Paksoy
  • Essays on Central Asia, by Professor Hasan B. Paksoy

    Resource Directories and Miscellaneous

  • Central Asia Commerce - directory
  • Silk Road Seattle Project: Cities and Architecture along the Silk Road
  • Tan Wee Cheng's Odyssey: Heart of the Silk Road - Central Asia
  • Bugiad - Bursa, Türkiye
  • Central Eurasian Studies Society (CESS)
  • EurasiaNet.org
  • SOTA's Turkic World
  • Inner Asian and Uralic National Resource Center's Resources for Central Asia
  • Turksib Railway - in Russian
  • Advance: Central Asia Virtual Gallery
  • Red Book: The Turkic Shors
  • Red Book: The Tofalars
  • Tofa Language and Culture - ethnological project
  • Altai-Sayan Language and Ethnography Project
  • Red Book: The Nogays
  • Red Book: The Lithuanian Tatars
  • Iraqi Turkmen Front
  • Arab Gateway: The Turkomans of Iraq
  • Türkmen Halk Partisi - political party for Iraqi Turkmens
  • Türkmeneli Isbirligi ve Kültür Vakfi - in Turkish and English
  • Turkmens of Iran
  • Güney: Azerbaycan Kultur Ocaqi
  • Chuvashes of the Samara Region of Russia
  • Tatars of the Samara Region of Russia
  • The Turkic Groups of Afghanistan (Uzbeks and Turkmens)
  • Afghanistan and Central Asia Research Information
  • The Turkish World Flag and Map Hall
  • Ferghana Valley: In the Middle of the Empires - essay by Johan Gely
  • East-West - Oriental carpets and rugs
  • Emmett Eiland's Oriental Rugs
  • Oriental Rugs and Rug-Weaving in Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan
  • Oriental Rug Notes: Central Asian and Chinese Rugs - including Uzbek and Kyrgyz rugs
  • Ipek Yolu Silk Road Carpets and Kilims
  • Turkmen Carpets from Afghanistan
  • Seals from Altai to Anatolia - artwork and motifs of Central Asia and Turkey
  • The Wild Animals of Turkestan
  • Photography of Central Asia
  • Akihito Koriyama's Gallery of Central Asian Photographs - images of Uyguristan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Uzbekistan
  • The Empire That Was Russia: Ethnic Diversity
  • From Baltic To The Black Sea: A Journey Across The Frontier Lands of Europe
  • Ahyskinskii (Meshetinskii) Turks: Twice-Deported People - in Russian
  • Meskhetian Turks: Twice Deported People - in English
  • North Caucasian Bibliography and Library
  • Celebrating the Life of Ismail Bey Gaspirali
  • TsentrAziya - in Russian
  • Scouting in Central Asia and the Caucasus
  • The Silk Road Project, Inc.
  • Travel Along Central Asia - Web portal about Central Asia and tourism
  • SpecialDepartures.com - Travel Information and Tour Brochure Distribution
  • Silk Road Treasure Tours - travel to Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, and beyond
  • Asia Silk Tours - Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan
  • The Oriental Caravan - travelers' tours to Turkmenistan and the Silk Road
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